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Famed architecture firm Pickard Chilton brings to this project a résumé that includes some of the world’s most significant and recognized buildings. Their projects are noted for their people-oriented spaces, as well as their forward-thinking forms that establish the buildings as landmarks. Projects include corporate headquarters, commercial office towers, mixed-use complexes, health-care facilities and academic centers. Pickard Chilton has completed or is currently designing worldwide projects with a construction value of more than $12.0 billion. Since 2006, more than 25 million square feet of the firm’s commercial, residential and institutional buildings in design, under construction or completed have achieved LEED Gold Certification or its equivalent — a symbol of the firm’s commitment to sustainable design.


LEft to right: CalPERS Headquarters Complex, Sacramento, California; Photo (c) Keith Baker. ExxonMobil Office Complex, Houston, Texas; Rendering (c) Studio AMD. BG Group Place, Houston, Texas; Rendering (c) Payne Rowlett. Wells Fargo, Des Moines, Iowa; Photo (c) Peter Aaron/Esto. Four Seasons Place, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Rendering (c) Payne Rowlett.


kendall/heaton associates
As associate architect, Kendall/Heaton Associates has worked successfully with many of the world’s premier designers by respecting their skills and expertise. In turn, these designers respect the firm’s commitment to design standards, technical proficiency and production discipline. By striving to foster a team spirit among the client, design firm and other production consultants, Kendall/Heaton Associates has managed professional services on many important architectural landmarks.

The firm has developed a long list of patrons — local, national and international — who are as loyal as they are impressive.


LEft to right: 191 North Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois; Photo (c) Bob Harr/Hedrich-Blessing. 600 Thirteenth Street, Washington, D.C.; Photo (c) Aker-Zvonkovic. 600 Thirteenth Street, Washington, D.C.; Photo (c) Aker-Zvonkovic.